When Is a Mistake a Bad Day?

Over the last month, I have had days where I was able to exercise and days where I stayed in bed catching up on needed rest. On my bad days, I felt that I had made a diet mistake.

Then there were days like yesterday where I got up around 11:30PM and had a bowl of Special K, a banana and a small chicken breast on a pita. My typical day of eating ranges from 1500 calories a day to about 2300 calories like yesterday. Would that be considered a bad day or the end of my success in dieting?

I would rather remember the big picture and the progress I’ve made. Reviewing the last month or so, I see how I’ve reduced my calorie intake by over half of what I used to eat. I have also introduced healthier food choices and the exercise that I lacked so much before.

I find that when I try to severely limit my calories and race for the lower numbers on the scale, the pounds seem to catch back up quicker than I could ever try to take them off.

So the question that I put out to all of you is what really should constitute as a bad day of eating and shouldn’t it be about better health and lifestyle?

-Barry Roskin Blake

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