The Biggest Winner…. Jillian Michaels

Over the past week, I have started to veer off onto a bad road where I haven’t been watching what I have been eating, I have not been exercising, and overall I have let stress get to me. All I needed was a little bit of inspiration to help me get back on track. This past weekend, I traveled down to Tennessee to meet with Jillian Michaels, “Wellness Expert for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”, were she is on the set of her new NBC show to be aired this summer called “Losing it with Jillian”.

I have always watched Jillian in the past and I know she is very smart and has a terrific presence on the show. I must admit however that I had no idea what it was going to be like meeting her in person and talking with her directly. After meeting her I realized she is exactly what we see on TV. Jillian is a terrific person who cares about people and wants to see them take care of themselves. She wants to figure out the bottom line for why we eat and why are we fat. Just listening to her tell her story growing up and hearing what she had to say about my story showed me Jillian speaks from the heart and knows her stuff to back it up.

What was very surprising for me was that there was a certain honesty and realness to Jillian. No sense of holding anything back or being pretentious. Just a very true person with deep emotions who actually really believes and cares about the people whose lives she helps. Jillian doesn’t try to make any pretense about being perfect and knowing it all but rather tries to concentrate on the good in everyone and bringing out their potential in leading better and healthier lives.

I take to heart Jillian’s method of weight issues, that there are underlying reasons behind being obese and eating. Before you can loose the weight, these issues must be addressed. Is this THE answer to the obesity issue? I think it is a big one, and definitely the biggest foot forward to helping. If you don’t believe me you can see the tremendous out come in our interview with Jillian in the upcoming film “Finding Thin” and in June on NBC in “Losing it with Jillian” debuting this summer. Surely to be a great show if your as big of a fan of Jillian as I am.

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One response to “The Biggest Winner…. Jillian Michaels

  1. WOW you actually met Jillian? I love her, I love the show, I have so much respect for Jillian and Bob and ALL of the contestants. The Biggest Loser is really the only reality show that I am faithful watching. I have seen Jillian on a couple other interview shows and she does seem real and honest. I would love to meet her and above all, I would love for her to train me.

    As for you feeling like you have “slipped/fallen off”, all you have to do is get back on track. Maybe you just needed that week off, a break – just don’t let it turn into a month or a year.

    Good Luck.

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