We want you to appear in Finding Thin!

We are seeking three women, ages 18-24, to be filmed for the Finding Thin documentary. You must be able to share your own story about your personal struggles with obesity, weight loss, and/or eating disorders.

Filming will resume the first week in April in the Chicago area, so please send an email to info@findingthin.com for consideration.

Have you already filmed your story? We need that, too! Please submit your 60-90 second clip and we will consider including it in the closing credits of the documentary!

Submitting video gives Hollywood Request Productions the right to use any and all portions in their film tentatively titled “Finding Thin”.

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One response to “We want you to appear in Finding Thin!

  1. I have just recently found out about this project, so I’m not really sure all that will be going in to your film. I have recently begun making myself more aware of what is being produced and how. I had no idea there was so much nasty stuff that went on behind the scenes of food production. There is no consideration of the people who will actually consume the food, just the profit to be made. I understand that we as Americans live in a society that is far to focused on skinny. However, the new belief that “big is beautiful” is a dangerous step in the wrong direction. The struggle has less to do with what people eat to get their weight down, but more about the quality of food consumed. If people didn’t love genetically modified food so much, I’m willing to bet that struggle with weight would drop significantly. I hope you address this issue in your film.

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