Physical Education – Where did it go?

When I was in school, we had P.E. every day. I can still remember how much of a pain it was to run the mile at a time. No matter what, we would not stop running around for an hour each day. Additionally, the school day was broken up by recess — more running around to build the sound body for the sound mind. All that appears to be stopping.

I’m from Illinois, one of the only states that requires physical education for all grades K-12. Most states only require one year of high school P.E., if any. However, I’m concerned because there have been talks about cutting P.E. classes due to budgetary contraints. Some schools in Chicago are even cutting Junior Varsity sports. Eliminating Physical Education can mean cutting the little amount of physical activity kids have these days.

Obesity in children is at the highest it has ever been. The increase of high fructose corn syrup in their diet is a major factor, but the lack of physical activity is a problem as well. With computers and social networking, kids are living a more and more sedentary lifestyle. So if P.E. & recess both disappear, then children will have no reason to move and ultimately suffer. I’m not saying it’s the only cause, but losing P.E. doesn’t help.

If the schools cut out physical education, what is the real cost long-term cost? Wouldn’t it save money in the long run to make sure our children are playing and exercising? If we allow our kids to be deprived of physical activity, then aren’t we responsible for their resulting obesity?

Bring back P.E. Bring back recess. Bring back sports programs. We owe it to the kids.

-Barry Roskin-Blake

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One response to “Physical Education – Where did it go?

  1. It’s so discouraging to see P.E. being cut. Not only is it needed to combat the growing childhood obesity problem, physical activity helps children to learn better and stay more focused. Removing P.E. cheats kids out of so much.

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