Do fat people have the right to work?

Cleveland Clinic C.E.O. and president Dr. Toby Cosgrove has said he would prefer the right to stop hiring obese people in his organization. Of course I asked Dr. Cosgrove about it when I interviewed him for the film.

He explained that in fact he does not hate nor discriminate against fat people, but would like to look at a weight ban in the same context as a smoking ban. When he successfully rid smoking from his Cleveland Clinic campus, he saw a dramatic turn around. In his county alone the number of smokers decreased from 28% to 18%. In his view, lives were saved.

Being overweight myself I was offended when I first heard this, but I eventually understood Dr. Cosgrove’s point. If people took advantage of weight loss and nutritional programs that institutions sometimes offer as initiatives, they would start to feel better and have a chance at a longer life. In turn, their hospital or institution would be able to save millions on health care.

Is this fair or justified? I would love it if you would share your thoughts for the film. Please leave a comment!

Barry Roskin Blake

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