mmmm... fizzy soda

Do you drink two or more soft drinks per day? A new study released today links sugary beverages with pancreatic cancer. However, this link is only for people drinking SODA, those who drink mostly fruit juices did not have the same risk. But Michelle over at the Fat Nutritionist points out the study didn’t take into account whether these soda drinkers were also smokers. The leader of the study, Mark Pereira of the University of Minnesota, said that people who drink that amount of sugary soda also have other poor health habits.

How do we know for sure if soda really increases your risk for pancreatic cancer? We don’t.

“Although this study found a risk, the finding was based on a relatively small number of cases and it remains unclear whether it is a causal association or not. Soft drink consumption in Singapore was associated with several other adverse health behaviors such as smoking and red meat intake, which we can’t accurately control for,” said Susan Mayne, Ph.D., associate director of the Yale Cancer Center and an editorial board member of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

So, as with all studies that are released, the findings aren’t definitive. They don’t know for certain. The soda could have been a factor or it could have been the smoking, or eating red meat. I love how the news takes these findings and reports them as the sworn gospel of truth. I’d like the news media to start reporting what these studies don’t cover and tell us the real truth, which is… maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

— Pattie Lee

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