Barry Roskin Blake stops for a hot dog

Now that we are back in Chicago for a few weeks before our next leg of the trip, I am finding that old habits are returning quickly.

While on the east coast it was a battle to try and eat healthy but with a little help from my friends and excellent individuals that I have interviewed and come in contact with, I seemed to understand the process in greater ways.

To my great surprise, once I returned home, it was so very easy to start again with my old bad habits of eating recklessly. I really could not understand what had changed until I started to make a list of what can and has started to go wrong.

The first thing I found is that “the diet starts tomorrow” school of thought returns very quickly. I found myself tempted with my favorite restaurants and foods. I again had the crazy thoughts that I could allow myself just that one or two days to eat at all of them before the diet started.

After what I learned from all the talented authors and experts on the east coast, this is not a diet but a change in eating that has to start when you truly are ready. The more I started to feel like it was  my last day to consume what I wanted, the worse my hunger and style of eating became. It really began to sink in that it has to be about hard choices and a different style of eating and choices.

As much as restaurants could be a part of my eating again, right now it will have to be a different selection of them until I am feeling better about making smarter choices when dining there.

I guess change does not come easily but making bad choices is no problem. Now it is time to decide what I want more and trying to go with it. The old saying about “if it was easy everyone would be doing it” really does ring true.

What I can say though is that it can be a slow and challenging process but the only true enemy that I have is myself.

I thank goodness for doing this film since I feel like I have the enormous support from all the excellent people who’ve been gracious enough to share the screen.

— Barry Roskin Blake

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  1. Hi – just found your website and have to tell you: you seem like someone struggling with emotional/compulsive eating. There is no diet in the world (or you can call it a lifestyle change if you want) that will help you make peace with food and with your body. It’s relly not about self-control, and your body is not your enemy, nor is your brain. You need to re-learn how to eat intuitively and get off the diet rollercoaster. I STRONGLY recommend “Overcoming Overeating” or “The Diet Survivor’s Handbook” When you re-learn how to truly listen to your body and your appetite and satiety cues then all foods are safe, no food causes you to feel ‘out of control’, etc… I wish you the best of luck.

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