Green Juice Puree

Today starts the green juice cleanse. Last week was the pre-cleanse where I prepare myself for the next five days of eating and drinking only raw vegetables. All of this is in an effort to cleanse toxins from my body and also to see if this helps me feel better and have more energy. I stepped on the scale on Monday and weighed myself before I began the pre-cleanse. Then this morning before starting the actual cleanse I stepped on the scale again. I’ve lost 12 pounds and the cleanse is only beginning. I even changed the battery in my scale just to be EXTRA SURE this was for real.

The pre-cleanse as I mentioned in this post, is when I start to taper off the processed foods, animal flesh, caffeine and sugar to prepare for this week. That’s all I did for the past week and I’ve lost 12 pounds. It wasn’t easy either. I had so many cravings for pretty much any food I saw or thought about. I’d log in to Facebook and see an ad for Starbucks, I instantly wanted a cup of coffee. I’d turn on the TV and see an ad for Raisin Bran Crunch and I’d have a hankering for cereal. The people on CSI are eating Chinese food and I want to dive through the screen just for a bite of an egg roll. Yes, I am highly suggestible with images of food. A cookbook without pictures is wasted on me. I did discover during the week of pre-cleanse how much of an emotional eater I am. I had never put it all together before.  After a night of paying bills and seeing just how poor I really am I ran to the pantry then the fridge looking for something…anything to eat. All I had was 10lbs of carrots, 2 bags of kale, 3lbs of baby spinach. My brain was annoyed, REALLY annoyed. It settled for an apple, but it wasn’t happy.

But I made it through the week. Last night I learned that if you’re making this juice without a juicer, you’ll want to strain it out of the blender to get just the liquid. The whole point of the juice is that you’re eating about 3 pounds of green vegetables in one sitting without all the fiber. That way you consume more vegetables, getting the nutrients, without taxing your body with all the fiber. We all know what happens when you eat too much fiber, right? During a cleanse you want give your organs a chance to rest. I know my gall bladder and pancreas are happy at the moment to not have to work so hard.

Today I made the green juice, and this time I strained it through some cheese cloth. The strained juice is much easier to drink than the puree, although it still tastes like grass. I need to find something to add to this so that it tastes better, bleuch. I’ll have to find a clear glass so I can get you a picture of the final juice product too. All I have are plastic cups and glasses with some kind of tint or pattern. I’ll keep looking, there are 4 more days of juice making to photograph.

–Pattie Lee

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  1. Wine glasses, maybe?

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