I found this article via the blog  A Day In The (Fat) Life. Apparently the US Centers for Disease Control published two studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association this month that actually undermine claims of an obesity epidemic. Patrick Basham and John Luik of the Cato Institute discuss the findings in their article The Myth of an “Obesity Tsunami”.

From the Basham & Luik article:

“In the study of adults, the researchers also looked at obesity trends over the past decade. For women, there were no statistically significant changes in obesity prevalence over the entire decade, while for men there were no prevalence differences during the last five years of the decade. As the researchers note, obesity prevalence may have “entered another period of relative stability”.”

It always amazes me when the media wont pick up and run with these studies that disagree with the popular opinion that the world is so fat and we’re all going to die from our gluttonous ways. It’s so much easier to continue to attack “teh fatties” cuz heaven forbid we say it’s OK to be fat. If we did the world will fall out of orbit from the weight of our cumulative fat asses.

–Pattie Lee

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