The pre-cleanse starts tomorrow. In an attempt to finish off some things rather than throwing them away for having gone bad, I’ve made pancakes for breakfast. I’m cooling the extras and I’ll freeze them to eat after the cleanse is over. I enjoyed my final two cups of coffee. Starting tomorrow, no more caffeine, sugar, processed foods or alcohol. The alcohol will be easy, it’s the caffeine that I’m worried about. I finished off the last of the soda I had in the house so there wont be any to tempt me. That’s a BIG weakness for me. I’d much prefer to drink soda to anything else. I have managed to cut that down to diet and caffeine free, but I’m sure all the stuff in it can’t possibly be good for me. I’ve put out the feelers to find a good, inexpensive produce market and I’ve got some leads. I’ll head over there tomorrow since I hear it’s crazy crowded on the weekends.

I’ll report in tomorrow and let you know what I find.

— Pattie Lee

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