Cleanse and Detox

Hello readers, fans and followers! I am Pattie, your friendly neighborhood publicist/social media director for Finding Thin. I wanted to introduce myself so that you will be aware that not all posts here are from Barry Roskin Blake, director of Finding Thin. Some posts will be from me, and some will be from him. We will be sure to continue signing posts from Barry with his name at the end so you can know for sure who’s talking. I feel that will lessen confusion in viewpoints and opinions as we move along. I am here to serve and inform you, dear readers. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you are interested in knowing more about. What do you want to read? What do you want to learn about? How can we serve you?

For starters, I am embarking on a cleanse and detox program beginning next week. Don’t misunderstand, I am in no way a freaky health nut. I’ve never done a cleanse, I don’t make juices, I’m not a supplement taker. I always have felt doing a cleanse was much too “hippy-dippy” and possibly dangerous. But, I found this Green Juice Detox Cleanse with the people at Owning Pink. This one sounded good to me because you’re allowed to eat food during the cleanse. You can’t eat processed foods only raw foods. I do like raw vegetables, so this sounds like a good way to go. Also, I get to make the juice myself. I decide what goes into it, if it doesn’t taste right I can change up what I put in it to try to improve the flavor. These two points are what appealed to me for attempting this cleanse. They recommend using a juicer, but I’m not in a position to buy a juicer and I do have a blender and a food processor. I think these two items will help substitute for the lack of a juicer.

There is one week of pre-cleanse and then 5 days of actual cleanse. If you want to try the cleanse too, you can sign up here the deadline is Jan 22nd. However, I’ll report everything here for you. I’ll cleanse so that you don’t have to. I’ll let you know if it does give me more energy, helps me feel better and if I happen to lose weight. Although, I’m not trying to lose weight or jump-start a weight loss plan. I’m hoping to gain energy, and just feel better physically. The past year has caused me to fall into some really poor eating habits. I’m hoping that this will help me start new habits and crave real food rather than junk foods. If you’ve ever thought about doing  a cleanse or have wondered whether or not they work, I’ll be your eyes, ears, palate and body.

Starting next week, I’ll be doing the pre-cleanse. No more caffeine, alcohol, sugar, preservatives, or additives. The final two will be difficult I expect. I don’t really pay attention to preservatives or additives in my food. I’ll certainly need to be much more conscious when I pick my food. Then 4 days prior to the cleanse no more animal flesh, dairy, or wheat and 2 days prior I should be eating 75-100% raw foods. As someone who has only been able to eat raw vegetables (I really don’t care for cooked vegetables) this should be easiest for me.

Wish me well as I embark on this cleanse, I’ll tell you how easy it is to find these raw ingredients in the big city as well as any other challenges, etc.

–Pattie Lee

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