Dieting is a long and arduous journey. It is a lonely journey with several speed bumps in the way that eventually get you to a place where you feel better and healthier and hopefully will not have to go down the path again. Along the way, you must battle cravings, poor choices, and hunger and subconscious feelings of failure. It is not easy to do this and it gets harder every day you are on a diet. All you wish for is to break your chain of concentration and power of will, return to the dark side and binge like you have never binged before. Luckily, I have someone who helps me stay on the path.

Barry Roskin Blake and Alex Levine

I used to believe I was in this by myself. No one cold help me diet, how could they? It’s my body and I am responsible for my diet. I laughed at the idea that a diet group would help, or by reading a book I would suddenly be able to make better choices. How can they help me when I am fighting the temptation to fall into the sea of bliss and just binge. But what I realized is that, alone I am weak. And it is true a diet group or a book wont be able to help, but friends can.

A person who cares about you and wants to help you reach your goals is the most valuable thing to have on a diet. Trust me, there are times they are incredibly necessary. My business partner, Alex, is that person for me. He looks out for me and makes sure I am sticking to it. Every time I think “maybe its okay to have just ONE candy bar,” Alex stops me. He is strong and makes good judgments when I am unable to.

He puts up with a lot to keep me on track. It is not like I make it easy on him. My daily attempts to justify breaking my diet turns into a range of emotions. I react with anger and frustration, generally toward the first person I can, who is the person just trying to help. I realize after the fact that he is just helping me with my best interest, not to be my enemy, as I perceive him to be at that moment.

It is not just keeping me on my diet; he also makes sure I am making the right choices. Here I am fixating on what I am unable to eat- the sweets, the fats, and the calories. I forget what really matters, the fruits, vegetables, vitamins and nutrients. Alex constantly reminds me of what I should be eating. When I am ordering off a menu and I am about to order the side of French fries, he will discreetly say something along the lines of “Hey the salad looks good,” or “Look at that, they have cottage cheese.” These little hints he drops keep me eating not only differently, but healthier.

I have always hated sports analogies, mostly because I don’t know enough about sports, but every player needs a coach, someone to help call the plays. When a quarterback steps out onto the football field, it is his ability to perform in order to win, even when there is a defense trying to keep him from moving forward. But behind every good quarterback, there is a good coach there to call the plays. It is inevitably up to me to work at this and loose weight, but it is a lot harder when you don’t have someone to help you.

–Barry Roskin Blake

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