As the production progresses, I find myself on the road through the better part of the day. Due to that I have found myself eating out for every meal. At home, I am able to prepare meals for myself. Not to say I don’t go out to eat when I’m home, which I do frequently, but never to this extent. I would make myself breakfast, grab lunch out and either eat leftovers or order something for dinner.

French dip sandwich with fries

Now that I am on the road, I am eating out two to three meals a day, seven days a week. The cost of doing this has affected both my wallet and my weight. I have been trying to diet for some time now. When I go out to eat, I find it extremely difficult to continue dieting. The healthier options are typically more expensive. Sure I can get the side of fruit instead of the hash browns, for $2.00 more. Not to mention the portion sizes are always excessive, they are not always the healthiest food, and it is very easy to over order. I have heard, and am starting to believe myself, that everything in a restaurant is designed to make you hungrier, from the menu design to the aroma in the restaurant. The temptation is overwhelming and difficult to control.

Where we are staying in New Jersey, diners are a local favorite so needless to say; we have been going to them frequently. The diners are very impressive looking, each of them trying to out do the other. They started as small drive in diners with small sitting area and a kitchen. As the years passed they have all gone through several expansions and have turned them into large restaurants. When you walk in the first thing you see is all the baked goods; cookies, pies cakes and pastries displayed elegantly, ready to devour. Even after just a couple of seconds I am fighting to restrain myself. Their menus are typically very extensive, including breakfast served all day. That is actually the best thing they serve.

I spend a lot of time looking over the menu, typically deciding when the waiter is taking my order. It’s hard for me to decide what to order. I hate being the guy who orders the most food or the most expensive. I am constantly worried about what people are thinking of me when I am eating. It is as if because I am fat I eat more and vice versa. I do not want to be the only one ordering the appetizer or the side. I try to avoid anything that would make me stand out.


I realize now the importance of cooking at home and the benefits you get by doing so. You really are able to make better decisions about what food you take in. I also noticed I eat less when I prepare it myself, rather than eating at a restaurant. Add to the fact the amount of money you save and the answer is clear, if you are trying to diet, EAT AT HOME!

— Barry Roskin Blake

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