We are now on the East Coast where we will spend more than two weeks interviewing some o the greatest authors and experts from five different states. Some of the names include Dr Walter Willett and Dr George Blackburn from Harvard University, renown author Dr David Katz, Dr Peitro Cottone and a host of several others.

One thing that I have noticed from the road is that anyone who is trying to lose weight has even fewer choices but a heck of a lot of good food. I will be amazed if I don’t put on twenty pounds by just traveling to this many great states. It can also be hard to get some decent rest when you never have time to get used to the different beds your staying in, so that can add to your hunger.

This is one of the topics we’ll be covering when we look into sleep apnea and proper rest later in the picture. The one great and shining aspect of these production trips is that I and my team are learning so many things about obesity. There are so many different concepts and ideas behind it all, though the one thing that does seem to be agreed upon is that this is a diseas and not a choice as many others would want you to believe.

By the end of filming on this documentary, we hope to be able to at least put a human and more educated face on this very serious epidemic that is grasping more than half our country.

— Barry Roskin Blake

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